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UroSystem’s mission is to develop and commercialize innovative urology devices that help patients to remedy their symptoms, which currently have long-lasting impacts on quality of life by severely affecting patients’ sexual and social life, work life, exercise and sleep.

The problem with catheterization

Many diseases of the bladder like Interstitial Cystitis/Bladder Pain Syndrome (IC/BPS), Postmenopausal Cystourethritis, Radiation Cystitis, chronic or frequently recurring lower urinary tract infections (UTIs) require local treatment conventionally by catheterization, but it has several shortcomings.

Most drugs that offer remedy in the aforementioned conditions are intravesical, meaning they are delivered directly into the bladder by using a catheter. However, inserting a catheter:

  • is painful
  • can cause microlesions to the urethra and even more serious damage
  • increases the risk of infections and bladder spasms
  • inhibits medications from treating the urethra
  • is time consuming

UroDapter® ‒ PATENT pending; Minimally Invasive Device for Intravesical Instillation

Published Scientific Article of Sándor Lovász PhD, MD about UroDapter  here:
Minimally invasive device for intravesical instillation.pdf

Minimal penetration into the urethra: contacts the mucosa of the urethra on less than 10mm and just a few millimeters of neighboring epithelial tissues of the external urethral orifice

Moulded from medical grade elastic polymers

Specially designed radiused tip easily accesses the external urethral orifice

Sealing collar provides leakage-free instillation of solutions

Luer Slip and Luer Lock connection configurations

Safe, effective, quick and pain-free

No need for catheterisation to introduce agents into the bladder

Medications can directly contact urethral

Can also be used, when catheterization contraindicated

UroDapter’s unique characteristics are greatly beneficial in several conditions

UroDapter is beneficial in all diseases damaging the inner mucosal layer of the bladder wall and urethra, which cause pain, bleeding or chronic bacterial infections and has several other applications:

Interstitial cystitis

Postmenopausal cystourethritis

Radiation cystitis

Frequently recurring UTI

Intravesical chemotherapy

UroDapter® ‒ Promo; Catheter-free Instillation into the Bladder


Device use showed exceptional success rate in medical local treatment of the IC/BPS in the urethra and in the bladder and in a clinical evaluation conducted on IC/BPS

3200 occasions
600 patients
100% success rate in male patients
99% success rate in female patients
  • Preferred by all patients over catheterization
  • No pain, no long lasting burning sensation
  • Injections could be executed with low pressure, causing no lesions on the urethra
  • Mucosa of the urethra treated with highly concentrated, non-diluted drug solution
  • No complications observed
  • Reduced procedure time and cost
  • Reduced follow-on costs

Preparatory work has started to get Food and Drug Administration - FDA approval in the USA.

Benefits of UroDapter


  • Virtually no patient and device preparation required
  • Increased patient compliance due to lesser pain
  • Increased drug efficacy by exposing medication to the urethra as well
  • Sterile isolation not required for the procedure


  • Lower treatment costs compared to standard catheter-based therapies
  • Lower costs due to reduced complication rate (UTI)
  • Frees up resources from the healthcare system (by reducing post-procedural complications)


  • Completely pain-free
  • Fewer post-procedural complications


  • Low-cost manufacturing process
  • Class I – straightforward pathway to market
  • Strong IP protection
  • Steadily growing market
  • Utilizes existing sales channels

UroStill® - PATENT pending; Assistive Device for Intravesical self-Instillation for female patients by using UroDapter® Urological Syringe Adapter and for self catheterization of the bladder

Growing number of patients need intravesical instillation therapy in interstitial cystitis/bladder pain syndrome and post-radiation cystitis, which cannot be sufficiently covered by the current healthcare system.

The solution is the self-treatment performed by the female patients themselves at home by using the newly developed assistive device, which also takes the advantage of the catheter-free UroDapter® syringe adapter.
Based on these advantages the UroStill® device could become the base of future local treatment of IC/BPS for female patients.

UroStill® ‒ Promo; Self Instillation Device

Benefits of UroStill


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